How do I do this YouTube stuff?

I have spent the past 9 hours trying to figure out the basics of creating a YouTube channel and creating content. The basics. I did, however, accomplish some things today!

  • I set up a YouTube channel, with channel art!
  • I recorded a speed build in The Sims 4! (actually I recorded 3)
  • I finally fixed my OBS settings! (third times a charm, right?)
  • I edited a video with Vegas Pro 14.
    • Two hours later…
    • Video needs to be re-rendered because of crazy motion blur..
    • x.x
  • Acquired a domain name & a website! (am I doing this right?)

Which brings me to now. 10:15PM. I literally have no idea what I am doing. There is SO much to learn and I feel extremely overwhelmed. I am just extremely grateful for the love and support my husband gives me, because learning all of these programs is going to take a while (forever). He works his butt off so that I can “find myself” or whatever. I think I finally have something worth working towards now and I am super excited.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow..

Tomorrow I definitely need to re-render this speed build I just recorded and then I need to add the voice overlay– which I have no idea how to do. Maybe while I’m at it I’ll figure out how to build a website and properly use Vegas. Who knows. But I’m sure it will make for good posts. Until tomorrow.

Sul Sul!

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