Rendering, Rendering, Rendering

Today was a little less eventful compared to yesterday. I spent most of my day rendering and re-rendering recordings I made of speed builds. Unfortunately, the first build I recorded I was moving the camera much too fast– Not looking to give someone a seizure. This set me back a bit. Using Vegas Pro 14 instead of OpenShot is nice since Vegas renders much quicker, don’t get me wrong though, it is definitely still time consuming.

The second video I recorded went well! I was more conscious of my camera movements which made for a much nicer looking video. I built a base game starter home loft, which comes in under 20K on The Sims 4 Gallery.

Starter Build Loft
Starter Build Loft

The interior is super basic and I wish I was better with roofing. I feel like I spend so much time trying to make the roofs look decent and more than half the time I end up being very unsuccessful. Even with the new roofing controls– Maybe I just need to practice more with them. I think a really cool thing to do in the future would be to go back and edit some builds I did when first starting out on this journey. You know, apply everything I learned along the way. I guess we will see what will come!

So aside from building a bunch and editing videos, I did brush up my website a bit. I really want to learn how to code & create my own theme, but I think I need to start getting other things in order first. I.E. YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, etc. Speaking of those platforms.. I did create a Twitter, Instagram & Facebook page for my “Internet Identity”. Once I’ve started uploading videos to YouTube & streaming on Twitch regularly, I think it will be much easier to completely set those platforms up completely.

I also tried to create an image for this blog… tired of stock photos.



Not gonna lie.. it’s pretty awful. That mouth might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen! Maybe hand drawn is the way for me to go.

Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow I am definitely going to try to get my first (yay!) video uploaded to YouTube. I’m a little concerned because I don’t have an Intro or an Outro. I tried messing with Blender and I think that is way beyond me with everything else I am trying to learn. So I think I may just have to bite the bullet and purchase them. For my first video though, I’m sure I can just do some real basic ending like screen shots with a voice over or something. No one knows who I am! They can’t be expecting that much.

Until tomorrow,

Sul Sul!

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