Mood: Accomplished

So I know that I said I would have my video published by yesterday, it didn’t happen. I was definitely disappointed. I spent such a long time practicing and trying to record the voice over, but my throat hurt so bad (pretty sure I’m sick) and it was almost midnight at that point. Today though, I got the voice over recorded bright and early! and then it took like 6 hours figure out how to edit it. Which I did poorly. Once I added the voice over to the recording, I somehow lost part of my recording and then all of the vocals were off. In hindsight I probably could have just re-recorded my voice and that would have taken less time. The more you know, right? Despite all of that I did upload my speed build to YouTube and published it! Awesome!

Loft Starter Home
Loft Starter Home

As accomplished as I feel, I can’t help but feel a little defeated. I know that I could have done better. I wish I had done better. But  I didn’t do better. I’m sure my standards are ridiculously high for something I’ve literally never done in my life, but my brain works in a weird way. I know that as I continue to create videos and voice overs I will just get better; I’ll be less nervous, I’ll understand the programs better, etc. A little glimmer of hope in this sea of overwhelming darkness– far too dark.

I’m currently trying to think of what my next builds should be. Maybe starter builds while using only one expansion pack plus the base game– I think that could be fun. It is definitely really difficult to keep your build under 20k without it looking super bare, but it may make for good practice! Or maybe I could do like a tech-savvy millionaire’s mansion. The options are endless! What are you thoughts? Any ideas?

Since I wasn’t recording all day yesterday I did finish my ranked placement matches on Heroes of The Storm. Placed Gold I. It isn’t awful, but I am definitely irritated with a few games I had played. Like one where my team picked two tanks into Malthael, which is really really stupid. I’m pretty sure that if that hadn’t happened and I won that game, I would have placed Platinum. Woe is me. Just kidding.

All in all, today was a pretty good day with some minor setbacks which are definitely to be expected. I’m sure tomorrow will be just as good, if not better, and I can’t wait to create more content for fellow gamers to see!

Until tomorrow,

Sul Sul!

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