Absolutely Exhausted.

So there haven’t been posts in quite a few days, mostly because real life happened and my husband and I have been working on our sons bedroom before he gets back from his grandparents to surprise him. The other reason is I ended up doing a 4 hour recording and it took me TWO DAYS to edit. Day one I ended up losing a bunch of footage so I needed to start over today, day two. I am absolutely exhausted. I am beaten. I am worn. However, I did complete the editing and I am rendering this video as we speak (or as I type).

This video I did decide to create is another speed build (obviously) but instead of it being a starter home, I didn’t put a limit on my spending. I think the final product came out pretty well. Of course when I look at the finished project I am constantly finding faults within it and things that could have been added, but it is good enough. I don’t want to be fine with just, “good enough”, but I need to be. For my sanity. If I’m not okay with it, I will spiral and it will affect my mood for the rest of the week. I do have a little sneaky peak for everyone here:

Sims 4, Unlimited Budget
Sims 4, Unlimited Budget

I never thought I would need to build faster, but that seems to be the case. I’m assuming the longer I do these recordings specifically, the better I will get both at recording & editing them. I feel good. I feel like I accomplished something big. The real challenge will be doing the voice over on this video. I need to talk for almost 10 minutes more than my previous videos. I definitely need to find more talking points!

So I have a few things on my plate… this video being one, I have a third starter home that I recorded and need to edit and I think I want to plan out a Let’s Play. I think that would be really fun, but for some reason is more intimidating to me than just doing a speed build. I dunno, maybe I just need to go for it.

This night is pretty over for me and I will be sure to update soon. Feel free to check out my YouTube Channel here!

Until we meet again, Sul Sul!

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