Slow and Steady Wins The Race.

After two days of recording, editing, failing to edit, re-editing, doing a voice over, editing a voice over, rendering & finally uploading to YouTube, I am finished. I am hoping that the amount of time it took me to do this one video is a one time thing. I’ve learned a lot and I hopefully will not make the same mistakes again. Fingers crossed!!

This voice over was pretty tough to do, mostly because I had edited out so much of the video. Despite the fact that I turned a 4 hour recording into a 23 minute video, I think I did pretty well! You can see the finished video here: Paigeotto Games if you do stop by and check out my videos, please subscribe & give a big thumbs up!

I have a starter build already recorded that is ready to be edited & that one is a Villa. So I think I’ll be working on that next as well as another home that again isn’t limited to a starter build budget. Part of me wants to do decorating videos– I would go room by room, each would be a separate video, and I would talk in-depth about what is going into each room. I think that could be really fun, especially for a larger home. I also want to start brainstorming some ideas for a Let’s Play; more research is needed.

Nothing to do with The Sims… Rusty Lake: Paradise comes out January 11th and I am SO excited. I’m thinking about adding videos of that game and videos of Last Day of June, which I just picked up on Steam. What do you guys think?!

An update with my sons bedroom, aka real life sims’ing, it is almost done!! It is looking SO good and I can’t wait to show some pictures of the end result!!

Now to summarize this post: slow and steady wins the race & hard work pays off. I can’t wait to share more with everyone!

Until tomorrow, Sul Sul!

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