Two parts? No problem!

Hello, blogosphere! Is that a word…?

A few updates! I recently did a speed build of Fallout Vault in The Sims! Today I edited the 5 hour long video, in less than 12 hours, and I now have a two part video– Which is super exciting! I have been playing The Sims since The Sims 1 released & I have been playing video games for much longer. I play so many games and Fallout has to be one of my favorites! I actually like it more than Elder Scrolls, don’t hate! I just love how raw and gritty it is. So fun. Take a look!

Fallout Vault Sims Edition
Fallout Vault: Sims Edition
Fallout Vault Sims Edition
Fallout Vault: Sims Edition

I tried to really capture what a Vault looks like as best as I could. Honestly, I probably could have made my life much easier if I had used custom content… but I never use custom content. I’m not really sure why, it just never tickled my fancy. I definitely may need to check out some custom content though. Lately I have been seeing some really beautiful creations!

Be sure to keep a look out for this speed build! You can find it here!

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Moving on..

My husband and I finished our son’s room and he LOVES it. He was SO surprised and it warms my heart so much that such a small person appreciates it. Check out the finished product:

Boys bedroom DIY
New room!
boys bedroom DIY
New room!

He is 7 and is OBSESSED with Star Wars. We tried to incorporate the theme into his new room. The only thing we are waiting for is a storage locker which is awesome! I’m actually kind of jealous of how cool his room is! Our room is definitely next. My husband and I purchased out first home almost 2 years ago… it is a VERY old home so it needs a lot of TLC, but it is ours. So definitely stay tuned for more renovation pictures as well as sim builds and other various video game endeavors!

Until tomorrow, Sul Sul!

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