Coming together.. Sort of

First of all, I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday, no matter what part of the world you reside in!! Second, I want to apologize for skipping a few days, but my husband and I needed to drive our son to see his grandparents so that was 6 hours of driving which left me pretty exhausted and the holiday’s are just super hectic! Despite all of this, I did manage to upload my second video to YouTube! Which you can view here

—-> Fairytale Cottage Starter

And here is a little preview!

Fairytale Cottage Starter Home
Fairytale Cottage

My YouTube channel is definitely coming together, but I still have such a long way to go. I really think I may bite the bullet and pay for a custom video intro to use within my videos, it would make adding music much easier and there would be a better transition. I definitely need to get better at editing my videos using Vegas Pro 14, but I do think I am doing a pretty good job considering I’ve never done anything like this before in my life. My audio is still an issue. I’m using a Blue Yeti Snowball Mic and it is constantly picking up my laptop fan. I’ve been messing around with the gain, but it hasn’t really helped. I think I need a more in-depth program to properly adjust the mic’s settings; more research is needed. On a positive note, I am much less nervous when recording than I was with my first video, and I am taking advantage of editing the audio before I import it into Vegas Pro. I need really hone those editing skills though.. both audio & video editing.

My husband created my logo using GIMP because he doesn’t have Photoshop or Illustrator on his computer. I keep trying to convince him to just use mine since I have the creative suite, I think I’ve almost broken him down. So hopefully it is just a matter of time before I have a really cute logo to use all over the place!

One of the things I really need to work on getting ready is my Twitch channel. My OBS settings are perfect, but I need to really make sure that all of my overlays are working and I need to work up the courage to constantly talk about what I’m doing. I also still have sections I need to set up and I need to decide what I’m going to stream on Twitch. Streaming The Sims will only get me so far… I do play a lot of other games, so maybe I could stream Heroes of The Storm or Overwatch or something. Who knows, maybe I could even go back to playing League of Legends, it’s only been like three years since I played consistently. No big deal.

Aside from all of the technical things I need to work on, I also still need to work on my confidence. It is pretty bleak.. I really wish I had someone to talk to about all of these things, you know, YouTube, Twitch, audio & video editing, etc. I imagine the more I work at this, the more people I will meet. Just gotta keep on truckin’! With the holiday’s almost over I will be getting back to working on my videos for YouTube as well as working on my son’s bedroom this week! We are going to be doing a Star Wars theme with fresh paint, new furniture and accessories! In a future post I will definitely post before/after pictures of it, super exciting! It’s like Real Life: Sims Edition! Or… just real life, hah.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful evening, morning or afternoon and if anyone has any advice I would love to hear it!

Sul Sul!

Mood: Accomplished

So I know that I said I would have my video published by yesterday, it didn’t happen. I was definitely disappointed. I spent such a long time practicing and trying to record the voice over, but my throat hurt so bad (pretty sure I’m sick) and it was almost midnight at that point. Today though, I got the voice over recorded bright and early! and then it took like 6 hours figure out how to edit it. Which I did poorly. Once I added the voice over to the recording, I somehow lost part of my recording and then all of the vocals were off. In hindsight I probably could have just re-recorded my voice and that would have taken less time. The more you know, right? Despite all of that I did upload my speed build to YouTube and published it! Awesome!

Loft Starter Home
Loft Starter Home

As accomplished as I feel, I can’t help but feel a little defeated. I know that I could have done better. I wish I had done better. But  I didn’t do better. I’m sure my standards are ridiculously high for something I’ve literally never done in my life, but my brain works in a weird way. I know that as I continue to create videos and voice overs I will just get better; I’ll be less nervous, I’ll understand the programs better, etc. A little glimmer of hope in this sea of overwhelming darkness– far too dark.

I’m currently trying to think of what my next builds should be. Maybe starter builds while using only one expansion pack plus the base game– I think that could be fun. It is definitely really difficult to keep your build under 20k without it looking super bare, but it may make for good practice! Or maybe I could do like a tech-savvy millionaire’s mansion. The options are endless! What are you thoughts? Any ideas?

Since I wasn’t recording all day yesterday I did finish my ranked placement matches on Heroes of The Storm. Placed Gold I. It isn’t awful, but I am definitely irritated with a few games I had played. Like one where my team picked two tanks into Malthael, which is really really stupid. I’m pretty sure that if that hadn’t happened and I won that game, I would have placed Platinum. Woe is me. Just kidding.

All in all, today was a pretty good day with some minor setbacks which are definitely to be expected. I’m sure tomorrow will be just as good, if not better, and I can’t wait to create more content for fellow gamers to see!

Until tomorrow,

Sul Sul!

Rendering, Rendering, Rendering

Today was a little less eventful compared to yesterday. I spent most of my day rendering and re-rendering recordings I made of speed builds. Unfortunately, the first build I recorded I was moving the camera much too fast– Not looking to give someone a seizure. This set me back a bit. Using Vegas Pro 14 instead of OpenShot is nice since Vegas renders much quicker, don’t get me wrong though, it is definitely still time consuming.

The second video I recorded went well! I was more conscious of my camera movements which made for a much nicer looking video. I built a base game starter home loft, which comes in under 20K on The Sims 4 Gallery.

Starter Build Loft
Starter Build Loft

The interior is super basic and I wish I was better with roofing. I feel like I spend so much time trying to make the roofs look decent and more than half the time I end up being very unsuccessful. Even with the new roofing controls– Maybe I just need to practice more with them. I think a really cool thing to do in the future would be to go back and edit some builds I did when first starting out on this journey. You know, apply everything I learned along the way. I guess we will see what will come!

So aside from building a bunch and editing videos, I did brush up my website a bit. I really want to learn how to code & create my own theme, but I think I need to start getting other things in order first. I.E. YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, etc. Speaking of those platforms.. I did create a Twitter, Instagram & Facebook page for my “Internet Identity”. Once I’ve started uploading videos to YouTube & streaming on Twitch regularly, I think it will be much easier to completely set those platforms up completely.

I also tried to create an image for this blog… tired of stock photos.



Not gonna lie.. it’s pretty awful. That mouth might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen! Maybe hand drawn is the way for me to go.

Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow I am definitely going to try to get my first (yay!) video uploaded to YouTube. I’m a little concerned because I don’t have an Intro or an Outro. I tried messing with Blender and I think that is way beyond me with everything else I am trying to learn. So I think I may just have to bite the bullet and purchase them. For my first video though, I’m sure I can just do some real basic ending like screen shots with a voice over or something. No one knows who I am! They can’t be expecting that much.

Until tomorrow,

Sul Sul!

How do I do this YouTube stuff?


I have spent the past 9 hours trying to figure out the basics of creating a YouTube channel and creating content. The basics. I did, however, accomplish some things today!

  • I set up a YouTube channel, with channel art!
  • I recorded a speed build in The Sims 4! (actually I recorded 3)
  • I finally fixed my OBS settings! (third times a charm, right?)
  • I edited a video with Vegas Pro 14.
    • Two hours later…
    • Video needs to be re-rendered because of crazy motion blur..
    • x.x
  • Acquired a domain name & a website! (am I doing this right?)

Which brings me to now. 10:15PM. I literally have no idea what I am doing. There is SO much to learn and I feel extremely overwhelmed. I am just extremely grateful for the love and support my husband gives me, because learning all of these programs is going to take a while (forever). He works his butt off so that I can “find myself” or whatever. I think I finally have something worth working towards now and I am super excited.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow..

Tomorrow I definitely need to re-render this speed build I just recorded and then I need to add the voice overlay– which I have no idea how to do. Maybe while I’m at it I’ll figure out how to build a website and properly use Vegas. Who knows. But I’m sure it will make for good posts. Until tomorrow.

Sul Sul!